Past Work

The wauseon rotary club works to support and improve communities both local and abroad. In our past work we...

created Rotary Park and the shelter house.
Helped fund and complete Homecoming Park;
Rehabilitated two houses in Wauseon and auctioned those houses off.
Rehabilitated and remodeled the Rotary shelter house to be used as a community meeting room- the one at the city did not meet ADA standards;
Helped fund and complete the American Legion Pavilion at Homecoming Park.
Dorothy Biddle Park.
Helped fund numerous youth in exchange programs.
Helped pay for small stuffed animals for children FCHC.
Donated to the Haiti project.
Paid for shipping costs for MESA(?)- medical equipment.



Rotary Park

If you would like to rent the Rotary Park Shelter House,

please call the city of Wauseon at 419-335-1441

Rotary Park Shelter House


         The idea of Rotary Park started in June 9, 1971 under the direction of Homer McGara, Rotary Club President. During a Board Meeting we were trying to think of a worthwhile civic project which we could spend approximately $6,000 we had received over a couple of years from the Rotary Auctions. We finally decided to buy the old mill property (then a swamp) and turn it into a park for the community with a 1 acre pond which could be used by children in the summer for fishing and ice skating in the winter.

         We were able to buy the 2.9 acre property for $5,000. We then proceeded to have the Soil Conservation Service do the necessary engineering and design of the new fishing pond. Before we could begin to build a structure, we had to dig through the bank and drain about 2 feet of water from the old swamp hole in order to get a bulldozer in to the pond to start digging it out. We dug out four addition feet out of the bottom and built up the banks making the pond a total of 12 feet deep. As soon as the dozer work was completed, we started pumping water from a ditch adjacent to the pond. It took about one month to fill the pond.  The club installed flood lights over the pond so people could skate at night. In 1972 the government supplied 200 bass, 1,000 bluegills, and 100 channel catfish.

         The park’s shelter house, complete with heat and air conditioning, contains picnic tables, restrooms, and a large fireplace.  We now use the building for our weekly meetings on Wednesday.



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